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BetSoftGaming has extended its innovative games and Casino solutions to another market segment with BetCafeGaming.

This extension to BetSoftGaming's Casino solutions optimizes our current platform allowing you to deliver our stunning games to a physical environment, such as Internet cafes, where players may pay for a one-time account and gain access to a computer for playing. The games, including our popular Slots3 series, are played on standard PCs in public places such as Internet cafes and hotel chains.

In addition to the refined player interface BetSoftGaming also optimized our state-of-the art management and administration package, Casino Manager making it the perfect partner to the BetCafeGaming system.

BetCafeGaming's standard pyramid hierarchy contains Master Agent (master account) which controls all Cafe sub-account systems. Each Cafe sub-account system has player interface, admin interface and cashier interface. Custom pyramid systems are available; please contact a BetSoftGaming representative for more information.

To learn more about our BetCafeGaming product, please contact us today.

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