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More player tools and options increase your casino's marketability and maximize business revenue generation potential. Players like to choose, be it the game or the client style they wish to play. We offer a number of tools and options for your players to ensure they get the most out of their gaming experience. Some of our features include:

Multi-Currency: We offer a cashier system which can handle any type of currency in the world. The currency is automatically converted once deposited into "credits". These credits are a predefined conversion rate based on your preferred currency. For example, a UK sportsbook may wish to use pounds as the master currency, so a player depositing funds in US dollar would have their funds converted to credits based on the dollar > pounds conversion rates.

Download Casino Options: Player-defined options in the download client allow for a variety of player customizations, including display as a window or in full-screen mode, how quickly cards are dealt, background game patch download, a variety of audio options and many more.

Free Money: Players on both platforms don't always have to play with real money. Play for free allows players to gain familiarity and confidence with the games, to know that they are entertaining and also play smoothly and fairly. Note: Complete play-for-fun only packages are available.

IM Chat Application: We offer a built in live chat system which your players may use to contact you at any time. This system automatically interfaces from the download/non-download casino to your Casino Manager backend. This support tool gives your players immediate access to you whenever they have any questions or concerns.

Single User: Your players may use one username for both download and non-download casinos. Additionally, if you have a sportsbook or additional system we can work to interface your new casino with this system so all your players may use their existing usernames throughout all systems