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The most common games in all casinos, besides Blackjack, Roulette and Craps, are the slot machines. From traditional 3-reel mechanical slots to 5-reel, 30-line video machines, players from all walks of life love to play slots. At Betsoft Gaming we pride ourselves in using the most up-to-date slot technology and inspired artists to bring your players amazing quality games that will appeal to all demographics.

Each of our games is custom made from the ground up with a theme and style to bring your players all of the fun and excitement they would find at a land-based casino, right in the comfort of their home. From scatter pays, to animated icons and arcade-style bonus rounds to progressive jackpots, our slot machines are sure to inspire your players to keep on pulling the handle for a chance to win!

Our newest offering, SLOTS3 features a brand new breed of games which will entice your players and keep them returning to you each time they want to play. Rich with bonus rounds and on-reels features, these new games are animation rich and extremely exciting to play!

For a demo of our existing slot machines as well as a preview of what's coming soon in late 2008, feel free to contact a Betsoft Representative.