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Betsoft's online gaming solutions allow for complete integration and solutions for any casino operator. These options include the complete customization of your product (see Front-End Solutions), as well as integration with any existing system you may have, such as a sportsbook or poker room. The following are some of the major integration modules we offer:


This powerful extension allows a single Casino Manager system to manage a number of completely separate gaming sites. Each sub-casino site may have its own customized games, payment system interfaces, marketing, and affiliate programs. Sub-Casino back-office features enhanced access control profiles, making it quick and easy to control administrator reporting and data access on either a master or sub-casino basis. This minimizes the need for multiple backends to find all of the information for all of your players throughout all of your casinos.


The sportsbook extension allows the Casino Manager back-office databases and functionality to integrate with third-party systems, including sportsbooks, other gaming sites and land-based operations. The interface uses simple standards-based protocols for ease of integration.

The Master Database extension allows the Casino Manager back-office to integrate with existing player databases, with only essential required data being passed to the gaming system over the secure protocol, maintaining confidentiality of player data and making it easy to add any Betsoft Gaming platform to existing operations with minimum disruption.