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BetSoftGaming Announces Release of Once Upon a Time ToGo™


BetSoftGaming, the originator and leader in true 3D cinematic gaming, have announced of Once Upon a Time ToGo™, the latest title to join their burgeoning ToGo™ collection of best-in-breed mobile games. Optimised for the iOS, Windows Phone and Android platforms, Once Upon a Time ToGo™ contains all of the features and bonus events of the original Slots3™ desktop version.

Once Upon a Time ToGo™ is supported by an unforgettable cast of fantasy characters in a fairytale world: a princess in dire need of saving, a dragon who will do anything or roast anyone to keep her, a horde of goblins dedicated to larceny and mayhem and the noble knight meant to rescue the princess from the dragon. Players will follow the brave knight on his quest on a journey that is as unforgettable as it is fun and lighthearted, encountering many exciting bonus elements along the way.

"We feel that Once Upon a Time is an especially charming game," said Anthony Locke, BetSoft's Head of Product Development. "We're excited to bring it to the rapidly growing mobile iGaming audience. The rapid expansion of our top tier ToGo™ line continues to mark us as the industry innovator in mobile cinematic iGaming entertainment. And more titles are soon to follow in the near future."

About BetSoftGaming:

BetSoftGaming, broadly known as the innovator and leader of true 3D cinematic gaming, is a Tier One developer and provider of complete system online gaming software. With a game library of over 150 games including the iconic Slots3™ series, BetSoftGaming has met and exceeded the quality found in console video games and animated feature films. Starting in 2012, BetSoft initiated a concentrated push into the mobile gaming sector, with many of their popular Slots3™ games becoming available as the ToGo™ collection. BetSoft began releasing the highly anticipated Slots3™ Interactive™ line of games in mid-2013, representing the future of online slots gaming. BetSoftGaming's extensive portfolio of clients includes some of the top gaming operations in the industry.

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